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Need Aerial footage?

FAA Part 107 UAV/Drone Pilot

G-Force Productions specializes in creating promotional films, and documentaries.  Each project is painstakingly baked with homemade ingredients to fit your goals and budget.  West coast media production superpowered!  Aerial video, high frame rate for slow motion, stunning 4K imagery, time lapses and much more!

G-Force Productions also offers live, multi camera production of

events.  This live video feed can be streamed to your Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter account or other destinations.  Graphics, titles, and multiple cameras for different points of view, instant replays, and more can be incorporated, to give your project the broadcast TV look.    Watch the demo reel above, take a look at more work samples below, read testimonials from past clients or just call if you want to chat about film production or a possible project!

On August 29, 2016, the FAA adopted new rules for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (known by many as ‘drones.’)  For the first time, UAV operators were able to take an aeronautical knowledge test….and if they passed, they were awardeded  a ‘UAV pilot’s license’ that would allow them to fly their aircraft commercially.  

G-Force Production’s owner, Gabe Strong has been certified by the FAA as a UAV commercial pilot.

Flying the west coast skies….

Cinematographer/Editor Gabe Strong

shooting at the Taku Glacier

Aerial Reel



just viewed the first cut of the Seattle Awards Dinner video and it’s fantastic!  We pulled together a team who did an incredibly fast, yet extremely professional and dare I say, moving and artistic piece. From organizing every aspect of a complicated shoot, to finding a very elusive Capt, to shooting quality interviews after horrific weather, to conveying the heroic event in an edit - everyone of the team stepped up and performed above and beyond what we asked.  We are still fine tuning and I can’t wait to share the finished product with you and your team. 

S. Scott 

Executive Producer  

Al Roker Entertainment

Been going through our footage and everything looks good. Thanks for all of the help, You really made it happen!

Thomas Oliver 

Series Producer Coast Guard Alaska

The Tanja footage looks great, that is exactly what we were looking for! Thanks and great job!

Michael Stewart 

Audio/Video Producer & Director 

MSI Communications

I love it... AMAZINGLY COOL. Just what we were looking for!

Kimberly Szczatko 

University of Alaska SE Tech Prep Coordinator

Gracias por todo...... 

Samuel Santamaria 


I'm back from vacation, and I've finally had an opportunity to review the video more carefully. First of all, I love it.... you did a wonderful job!!!! I especially love what you did with our logo... that is SUPER cool. The ending is my favorite... I teared up!!

Cyni Waddington 

Wrangell Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for working with us Monday morning on the Alaska ship story.

Erica Henry 

CNN National Desk West Region

You cannot depend on your eyes…..

if your imagination is out of focus

Work Samples

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UAS Tech Prep ‘Parents’

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Governor’s Open House Promo

Juneau Dance Unlimited



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